Having just finished my Ph.D. I am not currently working with any students. However, since 2019 I have worked with some incredible students and technicians listed below (you can also see more people in the Clark lab here). If you are interested in collaborating, feel free to reach out! I am not currently in the position to fund students but will make a note here if that changes.

Past Students and Technicians:

Chicago Summer 2021 team
Durham Fall 2021 team
photo by Chloe Schueller
5 smiling people in reflective vests, Ren on the left in the foreground, then four people together by a tree: Mackenzie, Lucie, Maggio, and Chloe
Durham Summer 2022 team
Three people smiling in image, Elizabeth on the left with a green hat, Andrea in the right in a green hat, and ren in the front with sunglasses. All three are in reflective vests.
Chicago Summer 2022 team
Durham Summer 2023 team

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young people in vests looking at an apricot tree, two squatting down and one entering data in a tablet standing up

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