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Tang, B., Poulton Kamakura, R., Barnett, D., Clark, J. (2023) Learning from monitoring networks: Few-large versus many-small (FLvMS) plots and multi-scale analysis. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 11. 

Dyson, K., Dawas, E., Poulton Kamakura, R., Alberti, M., Fuentes, T.L. (2023). Say where you sample: Increasing site selection transparency in urban ecology. Ecosphere. 14(3): e4466. 

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Sharma, S., Andrus, R., Bergeron, Y., Bogdziewicz, M., Bragg, D. C., Brockway, D. …  Poulton Kamakura., R., … Clark, J. (2022) North American tree migration paced by climate in the West, lagging in the East. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), 119(3) e2116691118.

Tong, Q., Aavena Acuna, M., Andrus, R., Davide, A., Bergeron, Y., Berretti, R., Bogdziewica, M., Boivin, T., … Poulton Kamakura., R, … Clark, J. (2021). Is there tree senescence? The fecundity evidence. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 118(34), e2106130118. 

Kamakura, R. P., DeWald, L. E., Sniezko, R. A., Elliott, M., & Chastagner, G. A. (2021). Using differences in abiotic factors between seed origin and common garden sites to predict performance of Pacific madrone (Arbutus menziesii Pursh). Forest Ecology and Management, 497, 119487. 

Clark, J.S., Andrus, R. Melaine A., Bergeson, Y., Bogdziewicz, M. , Bragg, D. C. , Brockway, D., Natalie L. Cleavitt, N.L., …Kamakura, R.P., …Zlotin, R. (2021) Continent-wide tree fecundity driven by indirect climate effects. Nature Communications, 12(1), 1242.


Poulton Kamakura, R (2023). Tree health in Durham: The importance of tree age, species, and local growing conditions and what they mean for our urban forest. April 25. Durham, NC

Poulton Kamakura, R. (2022). Limits of Current Imagination and Solutions We Cannot Envision. Oral Presentation. University Scholars Program Spring Symposium: After the Storm Passes. Feb. 26. Durham, NC. Poulton Kamakura, R & Conner, R (2022). Duke, Durham, and Urban Greenspaces. Invited Lecture. ENV245 – The Theory and Practice of Sustainability. Feb 22. Durham, NC.

Poulton Kamakura, R. DeWald, L. E., Sniezko, R., Elliott, M., (2020). Potential Local Adaptation to Environmental Variables in Pacific Madrone: Patterns in Growth and Mortality at Common Garden Sites. Oral Presentation. Arbutus ARME Meeting. Nov. 10. Online.

DeWald, L. E., Poulton Kamakura, R., Sniezko, R. A., Elliott, M., Chastagner, G. A (2020). Decline in Pacific Madrone: Assessing Health & Future Persistence Using Common Garden Sentinel Tests. Poster. US Forest Service Forest Health Monitoring Workshop. Feb. 27. Raleigh, NC.

Poulton Kamakura, R., Ernst, A. R. Pfister, C., Kramer, A. (2018). Propagule Pressure and the Establishment Success of Nonlocal Species. Poster. Ecological Society of America. Aug. 8. New Orleans, LA. 1st PLACE STUDENT POSTER AWARD IN RESTORATION ECOLOGY SECTION

Poulton Kamakura, R., Ernst, A. R. Pfister, C., Kramer, A. (2018). The Effects of Nonlocal Species Propagule Pressure and Phylogenetic Diversity on Nonlocal Species Growth in Newly Restored Tallgrass Prairies. Poster. University of Chicago Rowley Honors Symposium. May 25. Chicago, IL.

Poulton Kamakura, R., Ernst, A. R. Kramer, A. (2017). Propagule Pressure and the Establishment Success of Problem Species. Poster. Chicago Botanic Garden REU Symposium. Aug. 17. Chicago, IL.

Poulton Kamakura, R., Brosi, B. Mutualistic Networks Over Time: The Effects of Changing Floral Abundances on Plant-Pollinator Interactions. (2016). Oral Presentation. Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory REU Symposium. Aug. 15. Gothic, CO.

Poulton Kamakura, R., Milner, T. (2015). Chronic Stress Affects the Morphology and Coritcotropin-Releasing Factor 1 Receptor Density in Dendrites in Female Rat Hippocampus. Poster. Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students. Nov. 13. Seattle, WA. NEUROSCIENCE POSTER PRESENTATION AWARD

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